Rowan Hooper

Rowan Hooper

I'm a journalist & writer @rowhoop

I've got a PhD in evolutionary biology and worked as an insect biologist in Japan, an editor at the Japan Times in Tokyo, and in a physics lab in Dublin before joining New Scientist in London

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P21 hooper ghost a 20170416 870x579 article

Creating a real ghost in the shell

The scientist who has devoted his career to producing an utterly convincing artificial being

Soyl ff 086 article
The Washington Post

The science behind the movie 'Arrival'

A linguists expert - a brilliant Amy Adams - is the hero

Mg22329880.400 1 1200 article
New Scientist

Multiverse me: Should I care about my other selves?

If the many-worlds view is right, our actions shape our counterparts' lives in parallel worlds. What does this mean for how should we behave in this world?

Black jack 03 article

My seminal link with manga god Osamu Tezuka

Tezuka does not have a medical degree after all - but he does have a PhD in sperm (like me)

Tenca taking off copy article

Charles Darwin finally arrives in Japan

Darwin didn't consider it a sin to kill a mockingbird

P21 hooper samurai a 20170219 870x580 article

'Moving Zen' and the modern samurai

The art of being perfectly in the now

111a5155a article
New Scientist

The most multilingual man alive (probably)

This guy knows 60-70 languages to a high level. Hyperpolyglot!

Dude makes his wife a stunningly creative harry potter pensieve is probably a ravenclaw article

Emotional hangovers and remembering the future

Do memories have structure? How are they formed?

Images article
The Washington Post

The surprising reason for one group's Alzheimer's 'curse'

The town has uncanny parallels with Macondo in Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”...

Mg22229654.900 3 1200 article
New Scientist

Shakespeare: The godfather of modern medicine

Epilepsy, psychiatric breakdown, sleep disorders – for all the crudity of 16th-century healthcare, Shakespeare's observations still inspire doctors today

P21 hooper science2016 a 20161218 870x489 article

2016 science round up

No surprise that my favourite stories of the year were out-of-this-world/escapist

David goodall article
New Scientist

Australia's oldest working scientist speaks about his life

At 102, I think he's the world's oldest university-employed scientist

Bac0175797 800x533 article
New Scientist

Treatment for chronic pain can be lethal, but there is an answer ...

Recognising that chronic pain has observable, measurable and potentially treatable effects on people’s brains

Fe20110911rha article

Cultured 'man of forest' in peril

The environmental threat to orangutans

Ichiro suzuki article

Manipulating the brain to facilitate learning

University of Tokyo neuroscientist Daichi Nozaki has been attempting to discover how the brain learns new skills...